Field Edge Flowers was started in 2015 by Mel Hardy and Paulette Jenner; a friendship that began on vegetable farms on the edge of Boston turned into a shared dream of growing organic cut flowers for homes, businesses, and special occasions in all corners of our community. At the conclusion of 2016, our first growing season, Paulette left the farm to pursue non-farmy work. At the same time, Mel had some other aspects of life to focus on; thus began a short hiatus for the business. After a couple of years of planning and dreaming, Mel has reopened Field Edge Flowers for the 2019 growing season.

With over two decades spent working in horticulture, including several years as a professional grower of vegetables, flowers, and berries, Mel brings extensive crop production and management experience to Field Edge Flowers. For all their mystique, flowers are, after all, still just another crop. Mel focuses on using tried and true, sound and efficient growing techniques to bring beautiful, healthy, organically-grown flowers fresh to market so that everyone can experience the joy of long-lasting bouquets grown in their own community.

Despite her knack for efficiency, it's impossible to ignore the magnetic and magical pull of flowers, and being an artist, Mel is never too busy to slow down and take a look at an especially perfect dahlia or delphinium. The name of this business was inspired in part by the beauty and joy Mel found in the details of managing community farms that are often seen as peripheral and nonessential in utilitarian-centric vegetable production culture—namely the PYO flower and herb gardens. It was clear from the experiences that she witnessed in those gardens that there was deep sustenance provided not just by the food that she grew, but by the flowers and herbs she helped to produce as well. Beautiful, abundant blooms and greenery can bring people joy in happy times and comfort in sadness, and they remind us that all humans are connected to and affected by the natural world.

This is a small business, and it's just Mel (and sometimes her partner and friends) in the field planting, caring for, harvesting, and arranging your flowers from seed to bouquet. She does this work because she believes in the value of producing ethically grown flowers, and because she truly loves bringing beauty into the world. If you're interested in what she does, and how she does it, please reach out! She’s always happy to talk about flowers.