Why Buy a Flower Share? What does “Community Supported Flowers” mean?

“Community Supported Flowers” is a play on the phrase “Community Supported Agriculture” aka CSA. This model was developed by farmers to cover the upfront costs of growing crops (think seed, staffing, fertilizer, soil, etc.) while there is little to no income coming into the farm. Our little flower farm is no different! We have to spend a lot of money in advance of the flower harvest season, which currently, for us, doesn’t arrive until June.

CSAs work like subscriptions, and are actually quite similar to magazine or newspaper subscriptions. You pay us ahead of time, and we provide you with a product. In this case, it’s eight weeks of beautiful, generous, and unique mixed and hand-tied bouquets that you’ll receive in exchange for your vote of confidence. And we grow all of the flowers right here at our farm using organic methods!

By purchasing a share, you are supporting:

  • A small, woman-owned and run business.

  • Pollinator-friendly, ecology-friendly, and human-friendly flower production in your own community.

  • A growing movement to reinvigorate domestic flower production in the US.

  • Decreased waste. We have arranged to donate any healthy, leftover blooms that we haven’t sold or that are leftover from Flower Share pick up to the Maynard Council on Aging and Open Table Food Pantry in Maynard.